Douglas “LEFTY” Leferovich Honored as 2021 Magician of the Year at Live Virtual Show June 22nd 5 PM PDT

Free Virtual Show Will Be Performed Live from Vegas

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 On Tuesday, June 22nd at 5 PM PDT, Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich will be honored as the 2021 Magician of the Year from the Society of American Magicians Parent Assembly #1 of New York City.  The Society of American Magicians’ Parent Assembly #1 is the oldest and largest magic club in the USA.  It represents a lineage that dates back nearly 120 years. In 1909, a group of members got together to put on a performance which has become a yearly tradition now known as the Salute to Magic.

Photo courtesy Dough Leferovich

This year, the show will originate at Show Creators Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada – the first time in 112 years that the show will not be originating in New York City.  

Strip Headliner Murray Sawchuck and Doug will entertain with some of their favorite tricks. Photo courtesy Dough Leferovich

The show will open with a video from Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, welcoming everyone. The first half of the show will feature magician Murray Sawchuck and Doug doing some of their favorite tricks from the last 10 years on the Las Vegas Strip.

Sterling Lee, 1st Vice President of the Society of American Magicians Parent Assembly #1, is flying in from New York to present Doug with a plaque as well as a 3D custom art piece to honor him as the 2021 Magician of the Year.

Photo by Dianne Davis


“This is truly an honor and a highlight of my life,” said Douglas LEFTY Leferovich.  “Having been a member of PA #1 for 31 years, I can’t really remember a time that I wasn’t part of the Assembly.  Even before I was old enough to become a member, I remember going into New York City with my dad, mom and brother, and going to the monthly magic club meetings. All the older members were so generous with their time and knowledge, helping my brother and me grow as magicians and fall in love with magic.”

“I think back to all the Salute to Magic shows that I saw, including, of course, the 1985 show my dad produced – along with Jerry Oppenheimer and Bill Andrews – getting Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Company to bring their entire cast and crew from Beverly, Massachusetts to New York City for one night. And now I get to add my name to the list of some of the greatest magicians of our time receiving this Magician of the Year Award from PA #1. I need to pinch myself that it is real.”

Following a brief speech from “Lefty’ about growing up in the Parent Assembly #1 magic club, there will be a video compilation of famous friends wishing him congratulations on this honor.  

Congratulation videos include HGTV’s The Property Brothers (Jonathan and Drew), rock n roll legend Alice Cooper, from History Channel’s hit TV show Pawn Stars – Rick Harrison, the longest running headliner on the Vegas Strip Frank Marino, music icon Neil Sedaka, Luxor headliner Carrot Top, and from magicians Tommy Wind, Jen Kramer, Philip Blue, Santiago Michel, David Goldrake, and Steve Wyrick.  

Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich (C) with the cast of Late Night MAGIC – Bizarro, Mondre, AnnaRose, and John Shaw Photo courtesy Dough Leferovich


Lefty then becomes the host for the second half of the show, where the cast of Late Night MagicJohn Shaw, Bizzaro, Anna Rose , and Mondre – feature some of their most creative and unique tricks.   Also during this portion of the show , as a tribute to his late father and brother, Lefty will perform each of their favorite close-up card magic tricks.

This is a free virtual show that is being performed live from Show Creators Studios thanks to to Ian Herrington and Amanda Deacon in Las Vegas.  To watch this free virtual show, go to Salute to Magic.


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