Earth Day Gift Guide – Celebrating 50 Years of Environmental Awareness

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This year is the 50th anniversary of the official Earth Day started in 1970.  Celebrate online and in style with some of these great products! Want to give more to help the earth checkout the Earth Day Network site for great resources and opportunities!

Home and Garden

AeroGarden’s Harvest Elite 360

AeroGarden’s Harvest Elite 360 grows up to 6 different herbs, veggies or flower varieties all year long – no sun, no soil and no green thumb required. It has a round, compact base, sleek stainless-steel finish and a super easy control panel with digital display making it perfect for any kitchen. The Harvest Elite 360’s grow light hood contains 20 watts of white, red and blue LED lights, giving your plants the full spectrum of sunlight they need to grow, and grow quickly! Plants grow 5X faster than in a traditional outdoor garden. And the automatic timer makes sure the lights go on and off at exactly the right time. The garden adjusts to up to 12″ of grow height and the digital display reminds you when to add water and our patented liquid plant food so keeping your plant babies happy and thriving is never a problem. Plus with vacation mode, your garden will stay healthy while you rack up some travel miles.

$143.96    Buy now!

Origanami Sheet Sets

The finest long staple Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton gives our sumptuously soft sateen bed linens that warm and inviting look. There is nothing like slipping into a satiny smooth cloud and dreaming your night away. The 16” deep pocketed fitted sheets with full surround elastic and top/bottom labeling for easy bed making.

Generously sized flat sheet features decorative 5’ top hem and 1’ side and bottom hems that look great even without a duvet. Ample sized tailored pillowcases feature inner pocket design to secure and hide your pillows.

Price: Twin $101.15; Full $118.15; Queen $135.15; King- $152.15

$101.15 +   Buy now!  

Last Swab

LastObject’s reusable Q-tip is an awesome alternative to single-use swabs and an amazing gift for eco-conscious people. It’s 100% sustainable and sanitary swab with a biodegradable carrying case. LastSwab can be used about 1000 times and it’s pretty easy to wash it with soap and water.”

Buy Now!!

Cleansui Water filter Pitcher by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Cleansui filters clean tap water using a unique, high-performance, water filtering system.  Using a patented technology that removes 60 toxins and small invisible particles up to 0.2 microns including micro-plastic, solid lead, bacteria, algae, fungi, micro-organisms, cysts, parasites, rust, and more.

Cleansui Hollow fiber membrane technology leaves your water 99.99% bacteria-free while keeping important minerals.  NSF42, NSF53, and NSF401 certified, 1 Cleansui filtration cartridge = 300 plastic bottles.

$42.99+ for pitcher; $29.99 replacement cartridges   Buy now!!  


100% Tough, 100% compostable and 100% mindful is the Biodegradable Outback Series. The first biodegradable and compostable series from UAG is here taking steps to inspire awareness and influence change towards a more sustainable future. A biodegradable case with an actual design! Not bulky or speckled but smooth and with an ergonomic design providing a great in-hand feel. Think beyond protecting your device and take steps to protect your future.

Comes in a variety of colors and is compatible with iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Mand and Samsung S20, S20 Plus. Raised camera bevel for additional protection, soft-touch & easy hand-feel & interior hollow honeycomb structure. Ultra-thin, ergonomic design & sculpted bevel. 100% recyclable packaging with soy-based inks, minimal use of non-toxic adhesives & zero plastic.

$39.95   Buy now!  

Hillside Planter

Hillside Planter is a DIY landscaping innovation invented by a novice Thousand Oak-based gardener and former contractor that has professional landscapers and recreation gardeners excited.  It is a cleverly designed terrace pot that allows plants to grow properly on slanted properties while minimizing water usage and avoiding soil erosion. Made with recycled materials and UV resistant, Hillside Planter is designed for homeowners to take gardening and landscaping into their own hands. This easy-to-use planter increases hydration for your plants, by collecting and saving water—instead of the water running off down the hill. Hillside Planter can help reduce over watering, and lower water costs by up to 50%—which makes for a valued affordable investment for any homeowner whose property is on a hill. The special planter even increases the efficiency of drip systems as well.

$18.95 for a pack of 3; $6.60 per planter   Buy now!


An erasable, eco-friendly silicon band and memo pads to write notes on with your regular pens and markers. The unique coating allows you to jot down your thoughts, and then simply erase with one rub of a finger or any erasers.  Keep your notes close with the attachable WEMO pads and wear your thoughts around your wrist with the WEMO band.

$15 Armband Memo; Pad Memo (s): $13 (L) $14  Buy now!! 

B2P Gel ink pens and B2P Ball Point pens

Pilot manufactures B2P Gel ink pens and B2P Ball Point pens which are made from 89% and 83% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, respectively. Pilot’s B2P pens write smoothly, feature vibrant ink colors and are 100% refillable so you can help write the next chapter for a cleaner planet – without compromising writing performance. The B2P Line includes: B2P Gel ink pens, B2P Colors colored barrel gel ink pens and B2P Ball Point pens.

$12.00 for a 5 pack   Buy now!  

Takenaka Bento Box

Eco-friendly Bento lunch boxes. Takenaka has been making beautiful, high-quality bento boxes and tableware for over 90 years in Japan, providing a safe and fun solution for single-use containers.

Ranging from lunch boxes to bowls, cups, and cutlery sets in 18 eye-catching colors, all of Takenaka items are microwavable, dishwasher safe, and BPA/Lead-free.  All products are produced and repeatedly colored one by one, by the hands of craftsmen in Japan. 

$9.90-$36 various styles   Buy now!!  


Time to make a change! Perfect for on the go. This reusable eco-friendly silicone straw comes with a travel case and is the perfect solution when on the go. Never be without your straw again! The portable travel case fits right in your pocket, backpack, purse or bag. Smaller than a pack of gum, cheaper than a tin of mints, lasts longer than both and better for the environment! Easy to use and clean, both the straw and carry case are dishwasher safe.

100% European-grade silicone — BPA, BPS, phthalate, PVC, and lead free –Comes with aluminum travel / case  — Includes one straw — Dishwasher safe — Straws are 8″ in length with an opening of .5cm

$5.99   Buy now! 

BOTANICA by Air Wick’s

Make a conscious effort to use products in your home that are more sustainable and eco-friendly to honor the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day this year. Botanica by Air Wick’s new line of home fragrances are made with responsibly sourced ingredients from exotic locations around the world. From Fresh Pineapple & Tunisian Rosemary to Vanilla & Himalayan Magnolia, the scents are available in plug-in oils and room sprays combining the best of nature to deliver a distinct sensory experience. The products are crafted with our planet in mind and made with no phthalates or dyes and packaged with 99% recycled plastic.

$3.67 – $8.47   Buy now!  

PlushBeds Natural Latex Toppers

You can greatly improve your current sleeping environment with our Plushbeds 100% natural latex mattress topper at an affordable price. Available in a number of different sizes, the talalay latex topper pad fits right on your existing bed. Plushbeds is proud to offer our All Natural Botanical Latex topper pads with no synthetic, petroleum based products.

Additionally the brand is offering discounts from April 21st – 23rd in celebration of Earth Day with the code “PLUSH20”.

Discounts include:

  • $1,200 Off all Latex Mattresses + 2 Free Organic Latex Pillows + Plush Luxury Sheet Set + Protector
  • $500 off Memory Foam Mattresses + 2 Pillows + Plush Luxury Sheet Set
  • $100 off all Sofa Bed Mattresses  & Toppers  

Prices vary   Buy now! 


Kitchen Garden Revival by Nicole Johnsey Burke

Kitchen Garden Revival is as an accessible step-by-step guide to designing, planting, tending, and harvesting a modern kitchen garden, with plant lists, how-tos, and seasonal care instructions. Unlike other kitchen gardening books, this title features lush, full-color photographs of dozens of designed and productive kitchen gardens to draw inspiration from.

$30.00 US, $39.00 CAN   Buy now!  

The Outdoor Citizen: Get Out, Give Back, Get Active

In The Outdoor Citizen: Get Out, Give Back, Get Active Appalachian Mountain Club President/CEO John Judge inspires you to rekindle your “relationship” with the outdoors while encourages you to become an environmental change agent.  In the book, Judge suggests that you can smoothly transition to green energy sources; fund a sustainable economy with your dollar; and demand local government to turn your city into a more outdoor-centric infrastructure.

$24.99   Buy now! 

Organic Gardening for Everyone, by Cali Kim

Loaded with practical advice and step-by-step guidance, Organic Gardening for Everyone takes a very personal and friendly approach to a subject that can be intimidating. It is a first-class primer on organic vegetable gardening, and an inspirational story about how anyone can balance the rigors of gardening with the demands of a modern, family-oriented lifestyle.

 $22.99 US, $29.99 Canada   Buy now!


The Empowered Cookie

Female-founded, responsible and sustainable, The Empowered Cookie is a sweet treat reimagined as it embraces plant-based eating for a brighter—and more delicious—sustainable future. The best way to clean up our food system is to throw a better party than the people ruining it—so we made cookies! Damn good ones too.

How these cookies “take a bite” out of the unhealthy: Low Carb—Paleo—Vegan—Gluten-Free—Grain-Free—Non-GMO—Soy + Peanut + Dairy + Refined Sugar Free

Look for The Empowered Cookie varieties including Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Walnut, Double Chocolate Chunk, Ginger Molasses, Lemon Lavender Poppy Seed and Raisin Walnut. Vote with your fork! Empowering a better way of eating, one cookie at a time.

$38.99 for a 12 pack OR $19.99 for subscription  Buy now!

Hälsa Organic Oatgurt

Maker of the first and only 100% clean and organic oat milk yogurt, Hälsa is at the forefront of the movement to create a more sustainable, eco-conscious future for the plant-based category. They invented a new, revolutionary chemical-free process to make plant-based milks and yogurts that keeps all of the nutritional value of the original ingredient intact. What’s more, they just launched an initiative that provides US dairy farmers the alternative to grow organic whole grain oats, a more eco-friendly crop. The brand’s organic oatgurts are the perfect way to celebrate all Earth Month long!

More about Hälsa Organic Oatgurt – Made from organic wholegrain oats; Organic berries or fruit; Prebiotics, Probiotics; No added sugar; Certified Organic, Certified Kosher; Zero artificial ingredients; Only 120-130 calories per bottle; Flavors: Mango Pear, Strawberry, Concord Grape & Blueberry

$2.99  Buy today!  Available at ShopRite, FreshDirect

Boxed Water

Boxed Water provides people with an alternative to plastic bottles by producing pure water in recyclable cartons made using paper from well-managed forests. It is Boxed Water’s purpose to change the way that water is packaged, shipped and enjoyed by providing the purest water in the most sustainable way; everything from design to production and shipping is approached through a lens of sustainability. Boxed Water was the first national company to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles, and Boxed Water’s cartons are always 100% recyclable and BPA free. They are shipped flat to the source to reduce trucks required for transportation and water is filled close to the source and the consumer to reduce their carbon footprint.

Prices Varies  Buy now!  

Health and Beauty

The Sentient™ Skincare Stress Therapy Set

The Sentient Skincare™ line by clean beauty/wellness/skincare brand For The Biome is formulated with 100% active and whole ingredients with no chemical preservatives, fillers, or toxins that would disrupt the skin’s delicate environment. The full line includes seven flagship products featuring waterless, artisanally fermented cleansers, prebiotic essence sprays, and volcanic CO2 extracted serums to help support skin and microbiome health. The products are Certified Organic and non-GMO, Certified Vegan, certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, and certified non-toxic by EWG Verified™ and MADE SAFE®. 3% of every purchase supports climate justice, sustainable housing, and empowering women. Customers can choose which causes they’d like to support at checkout.

$150 (includes free Tool Kit–$30 value)   Buy now!

Mukama Botanica

Our High Vibe Face Mist High-Vibe Face Mist is a facial toning potion made to balance your skin’s pH, regulate oil production, protect from air-toxins, brighten & create a hydrated, dewy glow. Inspired by traditional Hawaiian healing, the ingredients include luxurious rose water, cheering tangerine oil & mystical sandalwood – all 100% natural, 100% organic, handmade & packaged in recycled packaging.

$55   Buy now!!

Theo Sterling

More than creating an effective product that was safe and unique, Theo Sterling’s three scientist founders also wanted their company to have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. They started by reducing the amount of plastic to as little as possible and made sure that all the shipping materials are recyclable. They use foam made from recycled plastic and an eco-friendly cardboard box so that both are completely recyclable. Being the first-ever luxury probiotic mist, this Skin Clarifying and Probiotic Balancing Mist targets and removes the bad bacteria on your skin while introducing the good bacteria — contrary to other probiotic skincare products that introduce good bacteria to your skin but don’t account for the bad bacteria left behind, even after cleansing. Formulated with rare and unique microbes full of proteins and enzymes, these remaining beneficial bacteria help colonize the skin and make your skin healthier. 

Made with 3 simple ingredients: purified water, Epsom salt, and its revolutionary probiotic blend. 

$50.00, on sale for $38.00   Buy now! 


ASARAI Earth Tones Face Mask is a therapeutic Australian red clay face mask. Take ‘me time’ to the next level with a rich, buttery mask for that instant feel-good factor. Harnessing the ancient healing properties of Australian Red Clay from the Outback, Earth Tones delivers natural anti-oxidants and vital nutrients to detoxify and brighten for a healthy glow and satin-soft skin.

ASARAI Earth Tones Face Mask: Detoxify and smooth in only 10 minutes; Brighten tired, dull skin; Tighten and unclog pores; Calm inflamed skin.

ASARAI’s mission is to inspire meaningful connections, build the most effective product and do no harm to the planet. As a partner of 1% for the Planet, they’ve pledged that no matter what a portion of their sales will always go to helping the planet.

$35   Buy now!! 


Root’d formulated the perfect multivitamin. One with real ingredients so our bodies would absorb it, natural flavors so it would taste good, and one with 0 immunity killing sugar. Since men, women, and prenatal moms to be need different balances of nutrients, it never made sense to have a one size fits all pack because, well, one size doesn’t fit all! So we made a pack for everybody. Simply pour, stir, and you’re on your way to better health. Because we believe healthier you, should also equal a healthier planet we made a promise to never to use more than 5% plastic in our packaging and then to donate 1% to the ocean to help remove plastic and 1% to land to help plant new trees. All part of our ultimate mission, to make humans and our environments healthier. 30-day love guarantee.

$30.95    Buy now! 


BeeSpa is an all-natural skin cream designed to relieve dry, cracked skin quickly and naturally.  It is comprised of 16% beeswax, which is a significant amount and ensures that the product heals all skin regardless of how dry it is. All beeswax used in their products are sourced from independent beekeepers in North Dakota and the container the Hand + Foot Cream is housed in is sleek and reusable. No harsh ingredients, no artificial fragrances, and never tested on animals, the cream is also made with shea butter and essential oils to soothe and soften the skin.  

$29.99(2.5 oz container); $12.99 (.05 oz container)  Buy now!  


Looking for a one-stop-shop where you can find zero-waste, eco-friendly, affordable, and sustainable products from housewares to health and beauty? Ecomended runs the gamut with vegan dental floss, wheat fiber travel cutlery, shampoo bars, artisan soap, vegan leather bags/wallets, and much more. Their shampoo bars are made from high-quality argan base vegetable oils and are hand-poured in-store. They make a variety of adorable shapes for both sizes. The shampoo bars can be used as a body soap/hand soap as well! 

$2.99+   Buy now!! 



R0AM Beige & Black Prism Slippers. These Prism slippers use faux shearling to create the two-toned upper. The straps are quilted with dense foam and backed in cotton fleece. The cushion-foam footbed is covered in black neoprene, to help keep your feet comfortable and dry. The sole is made of a high-flex, durable EVA foam which allow the slippers to move with your feet. Perfect for post-workout, exploring your city, strolling the farmers market…anywhere you’d want your feet to be comfortable.

Recycled tread is used on both the fashion tread and flex sole tread of R0AM’s shoes. Additionally, all shoes are shipped in certified recycled tissue paper with soy printing  inside a recycled foldable box, which takes up less space and can be unfolded for ease of recycling.

$132   Buy now!  


Earlier this year, the Austin-based shoe brand announced that they were going to use 100% Recycled Knit for their line of sneakers. Each pair of SUAVS, starting with the Legacy High Tops, will now be made with an average of 8 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. By mid-2020, all new launches and current SUAVS styles will be made with sustainable materials. 

Additionally, the brand is committed to further expanding its sustainable practices, including: 100% vegan materials, even down to the glue used.  Donating all unsold SUAVS footwear to organizations such as Soles4Souls and LifeWorks. Sustainable production to reduce material waste during manufacturing.  SUAVS’ shoe boxes are dual purpose as they function as the initial shipping box and return packaging. 

$76  Buy now!  


MantraBand has a wide selection of inspiring and uplifting messages stamped on their chic bracelets, rings and necklaces. With sayings like, “Be The Change”, “Imagine” and “Keep Going, Keep Growing”… you’ll remember to keep going and continue to tackle the day. They are made from hypoallergenic, lead-free, and tarnish-resistant stainless steel and adjustable for the perfect size. 

As a member of 1% For The Planet they donate at least 1% of annual sales to non-profit organizations that work to protect, preserve, and restore the natural environment.

$35   Buy now!   


Treat your feet and save the oceans with swaggr — swaggr manufactures performance socks almost entirely from recycled plastic and are the finest “feel good” socks you’ll ever wear. Swaggr socks are made from 91% recycled plastic bottles, are designed to be softer, fit better than your traditional go-to ankle or crew sock, and wear longer than traditional socks.  Perfect for active lifestyles, athletes, outdoor lovers, and more. They just launched their new sock line for kids too! Their vision is to conserve and create a cleaner ocean so that the marine life remain healthier and live longer. And, to make sure these recycled bottles turned to yarn stay out of landfills even further, swaggr encourages customers to send back their discarded pairs so they can be further recycled. These unique fibers can be broken down once again to make more socks! 

$8+ for kid sizes; $11+ for adult sizes  Buy now!  

** Feature image:  Photo by Antonio Janeski on Unsplash

** All other images courtesy of respected companies


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