Camara Suites Andros Review – A small Venetian Tower!

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During the era of Venetian occupation, an old fortified tower was built at the most elevated and precipitous rock in Chora Andros. An island very near to Athens and very famous for it bread of ship owners and some of the most qualified captains of Greece. This beautiful place is called Camara Suites and is one of the most intriguing places to stay when on the island!

Upon arrival, I had to walk to my new lodge since there are no cars allowed in that part of Chora. A lovely girl welcomed me and showed me around my luxurious suite that traveled me back in time, when Royal Balls were taking place at the premises and ex-king of Greece Constantine was a distinguished guest there.

The view from my window was breathtaking and the ceiling in the bathroom was the highlight! After a bomb had crushed on this building, that specific ceiling was the only thing left and still is there, to remind us of the past.

Luxurious hand-made signature furniture by N. Haritos, hand-made mattresses by HYPNOS brand, artwork that resonates the seafaring tradition of Andros and atmospheric lighting; all these elements are combined in an idyllic scenery, ready to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

There are four suites in this small hotel. Ceto, the daughter of Pontus and Gaia, Phorcys, the son of Oceanus and Tethys, Leucothea or Ino, daughter of the King of Thebes Cadmus and Harmonia and Odysseus, the son of Laertes and Anticlea, renowned hero of the Trojan War.

You can guess which my suite was! Phorcys, chosen for me but totally aligned with my love for the sea. This traditional and neoclassical suite was 55 square meters and could accommodate up to four people. Noble and aristocratic were the two main words that I would use to characterise it! Feel free to choose yours!

Photos: Courtesy of the hotel

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