Terry Fator Delights Fans with A Very Terry Christmas at New York – New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

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Ready for another splendid dose of ventriloquist extraordinaire Terry Fator? Visit New York – New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and enjoy Terry’s special show during December. Each year Terry delights both children and adults with his Christmas themed show, A Very Terry Christmas.

The second season winner of American’s Got Talent, Terry has been a staple in Las Vegas since the fall of 2007 following his big win. And each year his Very Terry Christmas show delights both children and adults.  Make no mistake, the comedy and references to adult subjects in this show will amuse the adults while sailing right over the heads of the kids.

The production begins and ends with the charming Winston, the Impersonating Turtle.  In the course of the show, you get to see country music superstar Walter T. Airdale, Johnny Mathis, a duet with Bing Crosby and David Bowie, the 12 year old cutsie Emma Taylor who is never far away from her phone.

Bing Crosby and David Bowie sing with Terry
Maynard Tompkins

Of course we get to enjoy the talents of the world’s greatest Elvis impersonator Maynard Tompkins. Hey wait a minute…. I’ve bought into it.  Believe me, within a minute or two, you forget that Terry is alone on stage and believe the puppets are real.  And how does he do it? There are two screens which give you a closer look at Terry Fator’s lips NOT MOVING. EXCEPT – when Terry does a bit of singing in his own voice. And it is good!

In one delightfully parody, Fator shares his humorous take on Will Smith, Covid, the Kardashians, J-Lo and Ben, Prince Charles, inflation, Putin, and a chorus about Brittany Spears.

Fator’s conversations with the characters he brings onstage center on the search for the true meaning of Christmas.  Basically, it is Terry Fator and his gang with a holiday script.  If you are a fan, you get to see the all your favorite characters with a holiday theme. And yes, he does include a little something for the Jewish folks who are celebrating Chanukah.

Dougie Scott Walker

And what fun as Dougie Scott Walker, the annoying neighbor, describes his unique holiday of Juana.  And of course the greeting Merry-Juana.  Vicki the Cougar stops by as well.  Hey, I could be here all day sharing the list.  Just take my advice and go to New York New York to enjoy the incredible talented Terry Fator in A Very Terry Christmas.

Emma Taylor

And after the first of the year 2023, Terry Fator is back on American’s Got Talent in the  American’s Got Talent All-Stars beginning January 2nd on NBC. He also remains at New York, New York for his regular show, Who’s The Dummy Now.

Story by Dianne Davis and Burt Davis Photos by Burt Davis or Dianne Davis


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