Exa Beauty – Who’s Your Hue Twin?

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I feel that in recent years, clean makeup has become more prominent, with many more options than in years past. Which is a good thing for those who may want to be conscientious about what products one is using. I myself seek out clean beauty products due to skin sensitivities and allergic reactions and am always keeping an eye out for new finds. 

This brings us to Exa Beauty. Exa is an inclusive makeup brand that includes 43 shades of foundation and pink color corrector that went viral on TikTok.  It was founded by the team behind clean beauty trailblazer, Credo Beauty. Credo, if you have not been, is a clean beauty store ranging from skincare, makeup, hair and fragrances. Chicago has two locations. Check them out if you haven’t done so. 

In Exa’s mission to make {clean} beauty as inclusive as possible, they launched a partnership with Hue, a beauty tech startup born from the founders’ belief that true representation in beauty means showcasing real, diverse people that look like you. Hue’s shade matching technology connects shoppers to their Hue Twins™ – a diverse community of micro-influencers who create unbiased photo & video reviews so you can see real people like you as you shop online.

I had the opportunity to begin by answering a few questions, starting with shade family, moving to undertone, and skin characteristics. As you go through the quiz, you see photos of Hue Twins which makes it easier to get a sense of your foundation match. Soon we found my twin Alyssa for my foundation. Boasting 95% successful accuracy, I was anxious to get to the makeup chair and see for myself. 

The makeup artist began by applying the Exa Splash Zone Oil-Free Hydrating Primer before the foundation. And it made my face feel nice and hydrated. Next the foundation was applied with a brush, in the first couple of strokes the artist agreed that it definitely was a true match. Looking in the mirror, I was pleased. While I don’t mind trying multiple shades of foundation to get my perfect one, it did feel pretty good getting it right the first time thanks to a little technology. Some blush and some gloss completed the look and voila; I was ready. 

Upon closer inspection, the foundation blended well with my skin, covering up my red spots without looking matte or too dewy. A great satin finish. The best part, it’s clean, vegan, gluten free,  and cruelty free.   Find your Hue Twin and try it out for yourself by visiting www.exabeauty.com

Facebook: @exabeauty

Instagram: @exa.beauty

Photos by E. Juarez

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