Golden Road Anaheim – Baseball and Beer, The Perfect Pairing

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Summertime in Southern California brings together the best of baseball, beer and the splendor of the beautiful weather the west coast offers up. Golden Road Brewery takes care of you whether you are a Los Angeles Angels or Dodgers fan and for good measure they have you covered if you just want a beer at the beach.

Golden Road Anaheim

When it comes to a brewery setting, it is simply hard to beat the Anaheim Pub location. Great beer and food, you can grab a seat at the bar, join friends at a table and watch sports on any of the many televisions or enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting that is everything people love about Southern California. There are plenty of picnic tables to enjoy dining and drinking outside, outdoor bars, very dog and family friendly and views of Angel Stadium and more. When it comes to gameday, there is no better place to pregame than Golden Road. You can park at the Pub, drink some beers and eat before you simply walk across the street to take in the game.

One of the highlights of the Anaheim location is that they are the Golden Road that gets a little bit more adventurous with their beer creativity and they have plenty of unique barrel aged beer that you never know what you might find on tap when you visit. You might want to run over to Golden Road to try the Baila Conmigo, that is a rum barrel-aged Tiki beer. This beer is as unique as it sounds as you definitely get a rum flavor shining through and the island flavors are finished off with an infusion of pineapple, apricot and Key Lime juice, just be careful, this beers comes in at 11.7% ABV and does not taste remotely that strong. When it comes to a beer that says summer and baseball, no beer does it quite like the light and refreshing Mango Cart. Golden Road decided that beer was such a hit, they added melon and pineapple versions and to take it a step further in June to honor Pride Month, they are going to debut Rainbow Cart, which is a combination of numerous fruits and will live up to the name.

Shishito Peppers

Additionally, the brand is launching a new Hoppy Beer family deeply connected to the brewery’s LA roots.
Golden Road added to its hoppy legacy by recently adding their brand new Ride On line that features the Ride On West Coast IPA and Ride On 10 Hop Hazy IPA, both are heavy on the hops and layered with flavor. Finally Golden Road recently added the Official Dodger beer to their lineup with the creation of “Brew Heaven”, a light and crisp blonde ale made for a day at the ballpark.

Golden Road has a vegan menu that tastes anything but vegan and the vegan choices are as numerous as the non-vegan options. One of the most unique vegan dishes you will find anywhere are the shishito peppers. These are slightly charred, with a little bit of heat and a plethora of flavors as they are tossed in house made chipotle spice and then finished off with cilantro vegenaise and crispy garlic and shallots. Another favorite on the menu are the fried avocado tacos, which are made in the style of the classic California fish taco, but you get beer battered avocado in place of the fish and they are just as satisfying.

Buffalo Wings

Chipotle Hummus

If you prefer meat, tacos are a great way to go at Golden Road as they chicken tinga and barbacoa short rib tacos are both tender and full of flavor. Finally the burgers come in a number of tasty versions and they are all contain unique flavors such as the sriracha burger that is topped with caramelized soy sauce onions, crispy pickled jalapenos and sriracha aioli. A must for any fries or to enjoy with the giant pretzel or GRB nachos is the rich cheese sauce made with Golden Road beer.

Golden Road Huntington Beach

Golden Road Los Angeles

Golden Road has become synonymous with Southern California and baseball for a reason, they know how bring the two together in beautiful fashion. Don’t worry if you aren’t a baseball fan, you just need to enjoy beer, food or a fun and beautiful setting and if you love all three all the better, Golden Road has created an environment that anyone can enjoy.

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