Finds for Wine Lovers at the IHA Inspired Home Show 2022

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Spent the day at the IHA Inspired Home Show 2022 at McCormick Place in Chicago.  It was TRULY an inspiration as usual, but this year seemed to be a bonanza for innovation in the wine space.  With products ranging from the charming and fun to the decorative to the life-changing for wine lovers.  There was something for everyone from the most casual drinker to the true wine enthusiast.


A charming and decorative dispenser for your favorite boxed wine.  It makes serving easy and Boxie is dedicated to sustainability, planting one tree for each unit sold. Drinking boxed wine also saves the manufacturing costs of four ordinary bottles of wine.  This new product is from bag-in-a-box packaging company Scholle IPN.

Big Wine Glasses

Exactly what they say they are. Stylish, very large and delicately-stemmed glasses so you can sip a large amount in style.  Named for wine bottle styles, there are four different large glass styles to pair with reds and whites or both.


Unique ceramic-lined, vacuum-insulated wine bottle thermoses and tumblers for taking chilled wine on the go. Perfect for picnics, patios and travel.

Wine Grasp

This easy and sturdy clip is made in America and lets you attach your wine glass to any surface.  The arm of a chair or the edge of a table will let you hold your glass securely.


Carries many accessories for enjoying wine at home, but their self-chilling wine glasses (also available for beer); in-bottle wine aerators; the Tempour, which keeps your wine chilled while serving; and the Wine Buff that shines your glasses brilliantly are standouts.

Final Touch

The Conundrum Series aerates your wine as you pour with uniquely beautiful and shaped glassware.  For bottle and single glass, this proprietary design is both functional and a conversation-starter for wine enthusiasts.


Wine specialists they feature a large number of very innovative ways to serve and enhance wine flavors.  Among their wonderful products are their unique swirling carafe and the new, award-winning flexible wine cooler Artico featuring a neoprene sleeve and leather strip.

Franmara, Inc.

The Wine Winch from Franmara, Inc. is a fun product that makes a huge, impressive splash in nautical style.  Using the same technology used in sailboat winches, it pulls your wine cork using  technology.  It makes an incredible addition to your yacht, at a marina or for anyone who loves nautical style.

Wine Chillers

These innovative wine chillers use very different methods to cool your favorite vintage.


Hugs your wine glass to keep your wine cool.

Cooper Cooler

Horizontal format is useable for wine, beer and carbonated beverages, causing no foaming once the beverage is cold.  Uses water to flow over the container. Chills in just a few minutes.  The Vin Podium is an innovative stand-up display.  Process is 5 times faster than a freezer and 10 times faster than a refrigerator.


Offers exceptional cooling solutions that are both leading edge in style, eco-friendly with low power draws and affordable in comparison to their competition.  Superb for home enthusiasts who don’t want to trade style for value.  Whynter features both with spectacular multi-colored LED lighting, seamless doors and choices of metal or wooden drawers.

Innovation that Changes your wine experience

The Phoenix Reusable Wine Purifier from Pure Wine

Many of us have issues drinking domestic wines because of the massive use of allergens and histamines to age them more quickly, but inventor Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek, who have the same issue.  The original innovative single-use products The Wand™ and The Wave™ have now spawned a reusable product, The Phoenix®.  Pour your bottle of wind into The Phoenix and it removes the histamines and voila, a drinkable bottle of wine with no headaches.

Wake Up Wine

Does nothing  less than to take a cheap bottle of wine and mellow it to make it taste more expensive.  I actually drank some cranberry juice from their demonstration and it was an absolute transformation, taking the harshness and bitterness from the juice.  I can only imagine what it will do with 3 buck Chuck or another lesser table wine.  It would also be transformational for a house wine at a family restaurant.

Any one of these innovations will be certain to elevate your enjoyment and provide a conversation piece for your guests.

Cover photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash. Show photos by Suzanne Magnuson and product photos from the respective companies.


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