Wow! Creations Media Emmy Gifting Suite 2021

Sabre providing all your personal protection needs along with Harris Twins!
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Harris Twins and Television legend Stephanie Powers

With Core Bars and Hint (Blueberry) water to refresh guests, the Universal City Hilton was packed with businesses celebrating the Emmys by showcasing their products at Wow! Creations Media Emmy Gifting Suite. The Harris Twins of Wow! Creations Media putting together another successful, eclectic event with Carolyn Sykes serenading guests away Friday, September 17, 2021 from 11am-5pm providing world-class harp music; chardonnay or cabernet available for guests interested in some of the latest products.

Facial Lounge 3810 East Coast Hwy Suite 1 Corona Del Mar, CA Skin  Treatments - MapQuest
Photography Courtesy of Facial Lounge

Facial Lounge came with gift certificates for custom organic vegan facials at its location in Corona Del Mar, CA. All services are plant-based, nut-free, organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-toxic, and pregnancy-safe. Their menu includes monthly memberships as well as mini-facials with the process covering ozone steam, deep cleansing, extraction and exfoliation, customized masque, and massage. Visit them online or find them on Instagram!!

superbad inc. Officially Launches In California | CashCropToday
Photography Courtesy of Superbad Inc.
LeafLink - superbad inc. Menu
Photography Courtesy of Superbad Inc.
Photography Courtesy of Superbad inc.

Superbad Inc. features premium cannabis, specializing in the freshest flower without pesticides. Superbad is a statement line that you should consider supporting as it is locally grown in one of the largest grow environments known with 7 acres of cultivation, 1800 grow lights, and over 200 team members to cultivate high-grade marijuana. Coming in a six-pack, premium rolled joints in RAW paper; its hybrid strain is great for both physical and mental stimulation for those on the go. The founder started his company at the start of the cannabis boom, a smart move and with cutting edge black matte finish packaging, it’s a sexy, discrete completion for the enjoyment of any occasion. You can order online and check out their Instagram.

Photography Courtesy of Archery Jewellery
Photography Courtesy of Archery Jewellery

Archery Jewellery’s tagline is “To be worn for every battle – and the ball.” Blending the cool Nordic vibe with the warm spirit of Bali, the designer is embracing her Swedish heritage creating true conversation pieces in four separate collections. Each pays tribute to history and craftsmanship. Please visit Archery Jewellery online or check out their Instagram.

The Olive Oil Pantry - Home | Facebook
Photography Courtesy of The Olive Oil Pantry
Olive Oil | Livermore | The Olive Oil Pantry #2
Photography Courtesy of Olive Oil Pantry

Olive Oil Pantry Tasting Room – As a certified level 2 olive oil sommelier with a tasting room featuring over 30 olive oils from around the world and over 30 balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy – available for private tasting events in-store or in home – this female-owned and operated delicious find ships everywhere in the U.S… More information is available online or call 209 825 7500.

Southern Girl Desserts
Photography Courtesy of Southern Girl Desserts
SOUTHERN GIRL DESSERTS, Los Angeles - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews -  Order Online Food Delivery - Tripadvisor
Photography Courtesy of Southern Girl Desserts

Southern Girl Desserts have been baking southern desserts from scratch since 2007 with a blend of spices that has been passed down for generations by Catarah and Shoneji. Samantha Squalls of Paper Decor More presented the desserts which come in bite-size, yet calorie-friendly portions at the Wow! Creations Emmy Gifting Suite, featuring mini-cupcakes in Red Velvet, personally tried and verified as completely delicious. Visit them on Instagram to see more of their delectable creations.

Misaky.Tokyo Crystal Treats by Alissa Miky — Kickstarter
Photography Courtesy of Misaky

Crystal Treats are Japanese delicacies with a surprise experience by Misaky out of Toyko. Their flavors range from jade to phantom (rose water, dried rose). Each piece is cut by hand and it takes a whole week for the whole process to condense the flavor. They are actually, quite surprisingly made from seaweed, which is high in dietary fiber, therefore, helping lower cholesterol and digestion. 

Hey SoCal. Change is our intention.
Photography Courtesy of HEY SOCAL
Photography Courtesy of HEY SOCAL

Out of San Fernando Valley, HEY SOCAL is a digital media publishing company for news that bigs new media corporations ignore. They have a local print publication as well as accessibility online. Pick up their latest issue for 2021 Readers’ Choice which is “back, bigger and better than ever.”

citybizlist : Dallas : Dallas Boutique GLAMORE Expands with Bold Line-Up of  New Fashions
Photography Courtesy of Glamore

Glamore is a stylist who sells her own accessories. She “arms her clients with not only the power of their own personal style, but to enhance their confidence; and to give them all the tools to walk proudly as a STYLE QUEEN!” Services include Photoshoot Styling, Closet Rejuvenation / Outfit Styling or GLAMORE Ultimate Makeover.

Lip Sets
Photography Courtesy of LaMoonique Cosmetics

LaMonique Cosmetics is a non-toxic line of mineral-based cosmetics with minerals consisting of natural pigments including titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides, freeze-dried vitamins A, E, and D, lavender-based aromatherapy with essential extracts. Their products do not contain any talc, dyes, or alcohol. They are also paraben, gluten, and cruelty-free. Please check out their Instagram to see a wider selection of her all-natural cosmetics, perfect for every skin type and tone.

Millennium Essence by Berenice and Jose Guadarrama – founders of Millennium Essence by Rrama Co.; started early in 2019 where they work to find the perfect eco-friendly scents, wicks, and wax to combine scents with a “passion to perfect a product.” They “believe any occasion should be granted with a touch of tranquility.” Featuring Catus Blossom which smells amazing! Follow them @millennium_candles.

That’s Catchy is not just a brand, it’s a movement whose goal is to “create a clothing line that encourages the youth to dream big.” The owners Misty and Ricky Yearwood donate a portion of their proceeds to non-profit youth centers.

Mixologist @jradhirsch figured it out! About as close as we’ll get without the actual recipe from @lumbrerest, a fantastic restaurant in San Jose del Cabo.

Van Gogh

1.5 mezcal
.5 Absinthia absinthe verte 
1 lime
.5 agave
Ground cardamom 
Served over ice 
Garnished with a cucumber peel rolled around a mint sprig.

#absinthe #mezcal #cocktails #mixology #absinthia #greenfairy
Photography Courtesy of Absinthia

Photo by Absinthia's Bottled Spirits in Los Angeles, California with @itsamberfrank. May be an image of 1 person and standing.
Photography Courtesy of Absinthe

Absinthia is both the name of the founder and CEO as well as her company selling bottled absinthe. It is a very delicious bottled spirit that has an after-taste of licorice. The most refined liquor I have personally ever tasted. It soothed the palette and offers a non-traditional alternative to the common shelf liquors.

((Right Eye)) here’s our patient he’s been blind for 10 years.He has glaucoma, Cataracts, and Diabetic eye disease. Such rare case that the doctors would use him as a case study, but they couldn’t help him. Look at the molecules removing the gunk out of his eye and repairing it!! #CentralCaliCaregivers #OptimalRush #Gloucoma #Cataracts #DiabeticEyeDisease #Diabetes #Hope
Photography Courtesy of Central Cali Caregivers
Have you ever heard the expression I feel like a million bucks, now you can experience the real life meaning behind that,with our ((Million Dollar Facial)) Optimal Rush face mist with nano technology allowing it to be water-soluble opening up your pores so the mist can penetrate deeper into your skin, achieving rejuvenated soft and velvety skin,also helps to treat all sorts of skin conditions such as Melanoma,psoriasis, dry skin,wrinkles and so much more!!! #CentralCaliCaregivers #OptimalRush #Facial #Rejuvenated #Velvet #SofterThanABabiesBottom #wrinklefreewednesday #WaterSoluble #Nano
Photography Courtesy of Central Cali Caregivers

Central Cali Caregivers specializes in rare and exotic extractions. Featuring CBD, President Bryan Ray Ruiz offers cutting-edge products that medicate. His most interesting invention would have to be Optimal Rush Medicated Eye Drops. “Clarity Reimagined” is the slogan and certainly applies to eye drops that are “the future in HD vision.”

Cleopatra's Garden
Photography Courtesy of Cleopatra’s Garden

Starring a citrus blend of anti-oxidant facial moisturizers for wrinkles, Cleopatra’s Garden “believes that the use of all-natural elements can nourish and nurture skin and ourselves, each product is created by hand and uses the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients and essential oils” Their products are available at

Photography Courtesy of Aztec Secret

Coming out and always making sure to represent was Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay – “World’s most powerful facial”. Featuring 15 facials per pound and 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, the package comes complete with everything you need for the ultimate facial. Make it part of your beauty routine today and visit

SABRE Mighty Discreet Pepper Spray

Always trying to keep safety in mind? Try Sabre Pepper Spray! It uses cutting-edge technology to alert emergency contacts when deployed. Talk about keeping it safe!  Sabre feature the industry’s latest technology in each version of their product. Please visit their website at

Harris Twins with Lynne Curtain

Offering strategic partnerships “providing a comprehensive marketing initiative with a fresh, new organic approach,” the Harris Brothers put on an impressive event where emerging and prominent business owners brought the latest services and innovative, cutting-edge products to tastemakers and celebrities alike – taking their brands to the next level.

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