Trustworthy Brewing Co. & BBQ – Bringing Craft Beer to the Las Vegas Strip

Trustworthy Brewing. Credit_ Eugene Dela Cruz
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Las Vegas is home to decadence at every level. Food, cocktails and flavor creations that are paired with experiences that are equally over-the-top and memorable. With so much goodness and so many choices, it is hard to believe that the Las Vegas strip was missing one thing, great beer. That recently changed with Trustworthy Brewing Co. & BBQ bringing craft beer to Las Vegas at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Resort.

Build your own flight

Trustworthy definitely has set the standard for the beer experience in Las Vegas, whether it is an IPA, pilsner or stout, they have nothing but quality beers on tap. The hazy IPA has become an increasingly popular beer in recent years and the Showroom Ready version from Trustworthy is a great version. From the the initial aroma, to the tropical fruits that are subtle, yet individually noticeable while not overpowering the beer itself, you will find this an easy to drink beer. While being a very hoppy forward beer, it is also smooth with no bitterness. The Trustworthy IPA is a strong and powerful West Coast IPA that is very hoppy and full of a variety of fruit flavors that hit a variety of notes as you drink it. The other must try on the menu is the What Plane? oatmeal stout that is everything you love about stouts, chocolatey, rich while not being overly sweet. The best way to start things off at Trustworthy is with the build your own flight and go from there.

Ultimate brisket nachos

The Trustworthy location while home to a smaller brewhouse, is actually a very large location for guests and can cater to large groups and events. This aspect of Trustworthy leads to an entirely unique experience that can wow any group of people. Having the ability to create small batches of beer, Trustworthy can work with groups to create a unique beer that is tailored to your company or group. Just for the everyday experience, if you are the occasional visitor to Las Vegas that leaves the beer tasting opportunities open to never knowing what unique and new beer you might find on your next visit.

Fish & Chips

When it comes to food, Trustworthy puts as much thought into their menu as they do their beer and the BBQ portion of the name is anything but an afterthought. The smoked brisket is without question the centerpiece of the menu and if you didn’t know this was a brewery, you would think it was one of the best barbeque spots in all of Las Vegas. Trustworthy incorporates their tender brisket into their menu in a number of tasty ways beginning with the ultimate brisket nachos that live up to the name with layer after layer of ingredients highlighted by the chile verde and queso fresco. You can also do the brisket solo and one that you can add it salads or to the scratch-made mac & cheese. Last but far from least is the brisket burrito, this is one of the best burritos you will find anywhere. This is one jam packed burrito and you are going to find brisket in every bite. While the ingredients take on a lot of that of the nachos version, this one adds a cheddar cheese sauce as well as a chipotle coleslaw that really balances the flavors out. As an add on, the pork rinds that are flavored with ketchup you will not want to miss, a truly unique and tasty side.

Trustworthy Burger

Brisket Burrito

The only way to finish off your Trustworthy experience is with the beer ice cream trio. This is not just beer in name they truly incorporate their beers into each flavor and you get three varieties. The Brass Jar caramel and What Plane? oatmeal stout both give you a lot of the richness and flavors you would expect from those beers, but the surprising one out of the bunch is the Showroom Ready Hazy IPA. This is a truly unique flavor that has the hops come through in a subtle manner and it doesn’t have a beer taste it is all ice cream with complexity throughout. All three are wonderful and it is a perfect dessert to share.

Beer Ice Cream Trio

Trustworthy not only brings craft beer to the Las Vegas strip, they bring a whole lot more. Whether you are stopping in to catch a game, you want to throw a small or large event or if you just want to have a beer, this is one spot that seemingly will never disappoint you. While this is a very beercentric place, food, cocktails and and incredible service make this a fantastic place to hang out for anyone and for any reason, even if it isn’t beer.

For more information, visit: Trustworthy Las Vegas


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