Dogs are Better than People Review – Uncovering Canine Secrets

Dogs are Better Than People poster - Photo courtesy of Sarah Hunter
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Whitefire Theatre continues its excellent series of solo performances with Sarah Hunter in DOGS ARE BETTER THAN PEOPLE. The show is part of Whitefire Theatre Solofest 2021 Livestream. Sarah began her “show business” career early. When she was eight years old and growing up in Indiana, the acting bug bit; and she has continued to develop her skills as performer, short story author, web series creator, and playwright through graduate school right up to the present in Los Angeles. Working with Sandra Cruze on “Two Heads are Better” productions has kept her busy through the pandemic. Written and performed by Sarah Hunter and skillfully directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, DOGS ARE BETTER THAN PEOPLE is a delightful story perfect for all those dog lovers out there. In fact, a portion of the show’s proceeds will be donated to the Pasadena Humane Hand in Paw Rescue and Soi Dog Foundation.

DOGS ARE BETTER THAN PEOPLE tells Sarah’s story through the eyes – and mouths – of her canine pals, each recounting a snippet of the overall issues Sarah has faced over the years. Whether it be divorce, sobriety, merely bad to awful relationships, and the many trials and tribulations of a newly single woman trying to find her place in the world, Sarah’s mouthy pets tell all. Airedale Lily Jane may be a bit of a snob, but she has her finger on all of Sarah’s frustrations. German Shepherd Shadow is a rescue who earns her chops being Sarah’s protector and confidante. And then there are Koa and Louis the Fourteenth, Sarah’s chiweenie pair of vocal buddies who question the motives of Bradley and then Jason, two of Sarah’s boyfriends who just don’t pass muster.

Sarah Hunter has a ball bringing each of her pets to life (some of whom have already crossed over the Rainbow Bridge) as she weaves the tale of her path from loneliness to acceptance, all the while surrounded by her menagerie working to keep her sane and on track. With a few different hats – and a couple of speech impediments – she gives each furry friend its own very special personality. The production crew cleverly elaborates by offering video to fill in the blanks. The Whitefire Theatre has smoothed out any kinks in streaming, offering the audience a smooth and entertaining experience. DOGS ARE BETTER THAN PEOPLE works its hilarious way through drinking, bad men, and fabulous dogs with tongue in cheek and tails wagging. This is a fun production with some poignant – and eccentric – moments.

DOGS ARE BETTER THAN PEOPLE is presented by Whitefire Theatre Solofest 2021 Livestream at 7 p.m. (PST) on March 13, 2021. Tickets are $15.99. For information and reservations, go online.


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