She Made Me Do It – WorldWide Premier of “Otherworldly”

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“The out of body experience of betrayal combined with the physical experience of numbness, pain, and heartbreak late into the night”….Shaheena Dax

SHEMMDI Celebrates the release of their haunting, single “Otherwordly”, a prelude to their new EP titled the same to unleash March 5, 2021. “Otherworldly” embraces the void as if stepping into a revolving door leading to the past where the echoes of ghosts served as an encounter where love had tried and failed. You have to keep living until you feel alive again…..

SHEMMDI is Will Crewdson guitar master from Rachel Stamp, Scant Regard, BOW WOW WOW  and currently with the Adam Ant band, Shaheena Dax bassist supreme, keys and  vocalist from Rachel Stamp. Both are joined multi-instrumentalist Joe Holweger on the drums also from the Adam Ant band.

Otherwordly” is a musical journey into a forced imaginary realm of electronically kinetic pop with carefully written lyrical impulses that touch the soul and give voice to words unsaid. Yet in a sense it’s empowering, a song of survival knowing that after the dark there is always a dawn. 
The EP is a musical “rollercoaster trip inside the band’s hook-laden psyche.” The record takes custody of your mind and moves your perceptions into an unlabeled sense of joy. It screams destiny, controlled chaos, and exquisite joy amongst the darkness……

Watch “Otherworldly” here:


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