Same Time Next Year Review – Poignant Romance

Courtesy of North Coast Repertory Theatre
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By Kathy Carpenter

Katie MacNichol and Bruce Turk photo by Aaron Rumley

North Coast Repertory Theatre presents a streaming version of Bernard Slade’s Same Time Next Year as part of their Filmed Plays Online Series Oct 21 – Nov 15, 2020. Streaming digital entertainment. The new play format for the foreseeable future. “Same Time Next Year, is a breath of fresh air in a rocky year.

Katie MacNichol and Bruce Turk photo by Aaron Rumley
Katie MacNichol and Bruce Turk photo by Aaron Rumley

We all know this year has been less than fun, Even the plays that have now managed to get to a watchable format have been focused on History and content that is relatable to what we are experiencing this year. Although Necessary Sacrifices, North Coast last show is amazing and a must see, and has been extended through March 2021, I personally have been awaiting something lighter. Same Time Next year, fills the bill. I actually laughed aloud several times. It’s the medicine we all need in these uncertain times, laughter.

The original Broadway show in 1975 starred Ellen Burstyn, who won a Tony award. Ellen also starred in the film version along with Alan Alda. Now North Coast Rep is merging ftheatre, film, and streaming media. The show stars married couple Katie MacNichol and Bruce Turk, A talented duo, having the perfect chemistry to pull off the laughs in this romantic comedy.

Katie MacNichol and Bruce Turk photo by Aaron Rumley
Katie MacNichol and Bruce Turk photo by Aaron Rumley

Same time next year, is the story of two people who meet at a small hotel restaurant, are attracted to one another and spend the night together, not so common back in 1951. They are both married to other people and just happen to come to the Inn every year. After a guilt ridden morning they agree to meet every year at the same time. The first year they are both unsure if the other will show, but they do.

There are six scenes, one every five years, as they come together as share a weekend of passion and update each other on their families and outside lives. They grow in their outside lives and their love for each other a 25 year span. By the end you know they are in love and will be together someday. A different sort of romance. One that makes perfect since these days of some many of families.

Katie MacNicho by Aaron Rumley
Bruce Turk by Aaron Rumley

You can catch this quality entertainment by going tp the North Coast Repertory website. Same Time Next Year – thru Nov 15, ort Necessary Sacrifices thru March 2021.

January 2021, NCT will be streaming Dancing Lessons by Mark St Germain.







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