Ladder – The Sports Nutrition that LeBron and You Can Both Trust

LeBron James (Photo Courtesy Ladder)
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With the countless sports nutrition companies flooding the market literally everyday, what would lead you to trust any single one of these brands? How about the names LeBron James and Ladder co-founder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ladder is so much more than your typical sports nutrition company. Ladder is about experts and their research coming together to create not only the premium products on the market, but also the safest and cleanest. Ladder is simply the sports nutrition line with a label that you can trust and a product that will deliver.

Lebron James Shoot Around


If you have followed LeBron and Arnold you know that taking care of their body along with working out have always been keys to their success. What they put into their body is just as important as the workout itself. Whether it is plant or whey protein, a pre-workout or superfood greens, you can trust that the Ladder product that LeBron is taking and he trusts, is the same exact product that you will be consuming with the Ladder name on it.

“We used 100 variations to get the protein just right,” Adam Bornstein, Chief Nutrition Officer for Ladder said. “Creating the core products for LeBron and Arnold, we had to create something so good that they would take it and use it. Their bar is so high.”

Ladder being formulated

The degree of quality that Adam helped create with Ladder has quickly caught on, as their are currently 40 pro sports teams using Ladder products. The choice of Ladder is pretty clear as it is NSF Certified for Sport®. This means that each batch of Ladder is tested by an independent, non-government third party, NSF International and certified. It also certifies that Ladder products do not contain any of the 270+ substances banned by USADA, MLB, NHL, and other professional sports organizations. This certification ensures the contents of the supplement actually match what is printed on the label and that there are no unsafe levels of contaminants or heavy metals in the products. This is not only extremely important when it comes to knowing what you are putting in your body, but it also gives you a sense of security that when you get tested nothing will pop up in that test that you were not aware of.

Ladder being mixed

Creating a quality product might sound easy, but as Adam said, “it is easier to market a product than it is to create a quality product.” That really is what sets Ladder apart, as it took two years of development to create the products that the Ladder group of scientists, nutritionists and trainers were all happy with. Ladder simply wanted to go with nothing artificial, quality ingredients and accurate labels.

When it comes to a pre-workout or a protein powder, you are likely going to have a tough time finding a product that can match Ladder. If you have ever had a pre-workout, you might get a quick burst of energy, but you are likely to also get some crazy over-the-top flavor that tastes anything but natural. With Ladder, you get a very subtle flavor from dehydrated lemon and strawberry and 100mg of caffeine from green tea. This is a great product that will sustain you through a workout and it also makes for a great afternoon drink as an alternative to coffee. Ladder has kept their lineup to the pre-workout, hydration and protein for a very simple and good reason, they only want what works and that is why they kept a minimal lineup.

If this day of COVID19 and gyms being closed or only partially open and limitations being everywhere, Adam was nice enough to share some tips so help you get through these stressful times and how to help stay healthy.

  1. Sleep! When you don’t sleep enough, you will want to eat more.
  2. Any type of movement, even 30 minutes of just walking will help improve your mood
  3. Get outdoors. Most vitamins are overrated, but Vitamin D helps and the sun provides that.
  4. Have some type of protein with every meal.
  5. The most important part of health is consistency.

If you have thought about adding something to your workout or diet and you see shelves loaded with products you don’t know anything about, you really should begin with a label you can trust. Ladder has created a product that is good enough for professional athletes and is backed up well beyond their word of how good it is. At the end of the day if you see LeBron James in another NBA finals and he is putting Ladder into his body, you be certain that you are getting the same high quality product that he trusts every day.

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