A Western Suspense Novel From a Female Point Of View

Logan's Land - A female Western suspense
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Logan’s Land – A female Western suspense


A story like this is almost unheard of since most Westerns are male based in their narrative, but in Logan’s Land, award-winning writer Serita Stevens has combined her knowledge of the romance, suspense, mystery and historical genres for a fast-paced read using a female heroine to save the day.

Fearful of her future Elisa flees Chicago in 1890 to find her twin Elliot in the mining city of Ruby, Montana. To her horror, she discovers that he disappeared months ago and is suspected of killing a federal agent working for President Theo Roosevelt’s new investigative department of the treasury.   Refusing to believe that, she becomes more determined to find the answers and becomes deeper and deeper involved with the town’s issues. 

Serita Stevens, author

In this world totally alien to hear east coast upbringing she discovers homesteaders burned out of their lands, gun slingers and shoot outs. Ruby City is a lawless place where death means nothing and money/land rules.  

Then she meets the James Brothers – Morgan and Logan – who, as Robber Barons, control most of the land in the immediate area.  It seems they plan on taking more.  What’s worse is that Elisa is positive that Logan, who insists she come work for him as a teacher for his autistic daughter, is the one who killed her brother.  How did his first wife die?  Did he have a hand in that, too?  Sure she is signing her own death certificate, she agrees to go to his ranch if only to find evidence of her brother’s murder. 

Logan’s Land – A female driven Western suspense

Can she find out who killed her brother before they kill her? Can she believe the Indian chief who wants to help her, or does he have his own reasons for distracting her?  Can she put aside her fears of Logan while she falls in love with him?

The script version has won several awards as has the book.  In fact, Serita is an award-winning writer of many other books, scripts and adaptations and has two forensic shows in pre-production.  More can be found out about her on IMDB and her website.

Logan’s Land is published from Aakenbaaken & Kent (A & K) Books, and can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, as well as other independent bookstores.  It’s available both online as an eBook and a paperback.  If you like adventure, romance and Westerns, you’re sure to like this. 


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