MOSA – The Most Enticing Menu in the South Bay

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Sometimes the setting can make the dining experience. Recently opened MOSA has the beach nearby, a beautiful interior and flawless service, but this is a restaurant that will leave you remembering mainly one thing. The food. Your toughest decision will be which direction to go, seafood or pasta as this is a menu that you simply can’t go wrong with anything that you order.

Fresh Panini Rolls

There is only one way to start off your meal at MOSA and that is with the Parmesan rolls that are a wonderfully inspired by the classic Parker roll. Warm bread is common at most restaurants, there is nothing common about these rolls as they come out beautifully twisted together in one massive roll. Somehow this jumbled up dough gives you a wonderful crisp exterior with the lightest interior that you could imagine and it is all loaded with Parmesan flavor in every bite. From there, any direction that you go in will leave you satisfied.

Charred Eggplant

The freshness of all of the seafood can be experienced in every dish, but for something truly unique, the octopus carpaccio should be at the top of your list. Bringing a fresh and tender octopus to the carpaccio experience is just a brilliant idea as it allows you to experience all that wonderful flavor while the setting also brings in the marination of flavors with the basil, olive oil and crisp capers. From there almost anything you can relate to the sea, is brought freshly to MOSA. You can choose from a calamari salad, steamed clams or mussels and a wealth of $3 dollar oysters.

Lamb Papardelle

You really have to put some effort in to make vegetables a truly memorable experience and MOSA does just that. The magically cooked Moroccan spiced carrots are sliced thin, marinated, baked and loaded with spices that compliment the carrots perfectly and then you get the addition of leeks, mint and the great texture and slight sweetness and tartness of pomegranate. If you love eggplant the charred eggplant is a really no-brainer to order, but I’d say even if you don’t think it is your thing, you will soon find out it is. Eggplant itself can be have an offputting texture, but this version is cooked so well if you didn’t know it was eggplant at first glance you never would. A perfect charred exterior gives it a slight crunch that balances the soft interior and the tart Greek yogurt and date honey just really give this dish a flavor explosion.

The rest of the main menu isn’t terribly long, but MOSA takes the best of everything and that is what you get to choose from. Some of the great options include: branzino, Scottish salmon, pork chop Milanese and Bristol scallops. Somehow with all of those amazing dishes, MOSA somehow manages to create some truly magical pasta dishes. Again you could throw a dart against the menu and not go wrong with what you hit, but the lamb papardelle is just that perfect combination of meat and pasta. The Niman Ranch lamb could be a dish all by itself, it is beyond tender and makes a very large bed under the thick buttered noodles that are brought to life with the rich pecorino flavor throughout.

MOSA goes well beyond dinner, the weekend brunch is just as unique as dinner and they even have grab n’ go coffee to go with with fresh baked pastries beginning at 8 a.m. If that is not enough to get you to MOSA, how about a great unique local beer lineup on tap, a long wine list and happy hour that goes into the weekend.

Moroccan spiced carrots

If you are looking for an excuse to go the beach, you found it in MOSA. MOSA is one of those cute looking beach restaurants that goes well beyond cute. Everything about MOSA screams beach, but once you go beyond that first bite you will be screaming fine dining.

For more information, visit: MOSA


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