CLEARstem – CELLrenew to Renew Your Appearance

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Makeup has always been the answer to scars and spots, but that is a temporary fix. CELLrenew is the more permanent solution as it was created to fade scars and brown spots left behind after breakouts and sun exposure. It is anti-aging and anti-acne as well as being completely non-toxic.

CLEARstem Lineup

CLEARstem was founded by Kayleigh Clark and Danielle Gronich, two young San Diego entrepreneurs. CLEARstem is the first skincare brand to recognize that adult acne sufferers need a little something different from their teen counterparts, and offer both anti-aging and anti-acne benefits with absolutely zero hormone disruptors or toxins. Established only two years ago, CLEARstem has already become a huge hit.

Kayleigh was a corporate executive and wellness educator and blogger who went back to school to become a holistic nutritionist and coach. However, her hectic lifestyle left her with a multitude of health issues including severe, seemingly incurable cystic acne. The quest for a solution led her to her now business partner, Danielle Gronich, owner and founder of San Diego Acne Clinic. During the first consultation, Danielle analyzed every hair, skin and makeup product as well as all the supplements Kayleigh was using. She began to educate Kayleigh on the science of skin and how certain product ingredients could be affecting her internal balance thus causing her extreme skin issues.

Collagen stem cells along with targeted botanical extracts and natural hyaluronic base have created the perfect formula to drastically improve the appearance of your complexion no matter what your skin is going through. Good for ALL skin types, including dry, mature, sensitive, acne-prone, combination, and normal. Features hormonal support in TWO ways; ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, and Reishi Mushroom regulate oil production, while Tumeric and B5 halt inflammation, allowing skin to re-balance and heal.

Co-founders of CLEARstem

If you are looking for a way to heal your skin with a product that actually does what it claims to do, CLEARstem will do just that. CLEARstem not only has CELLrenew to renew any spots that might have, but it also has a product line to make sure your skin always stays clear.

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