A Night With Completely Bare- A Special Beverly Hills Dinner at The Completely Bare Summer House

Photo Credit: Greg Doherty
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Completely Bare, a leader in spa-quality at-home hair removal products hosted by Amrit and a special seated dinner curated by famed chef Royce Burke on Thursday, September 5th at a private Beverly Hills residence for their Completely Bare Summer House. The dinner was buzzing as influencers, media and content creators came out to learn about the Completely Bare brand and its products.

Photo Credit: Greg Doherty

Completely Bare Founder, Alicia Nussdorf opened  up the dinner discussing that much the reason she became involved with  Completely Bare products is because of her two young girls. As a mother, she wanted to find products that would work on delicate skin and still be effective. At the time, the only options available were the same brands and formulas that were always on the shelf for decades. They were effective at hair removal but not a great experience. 

Alicia felt this was a good opportunity to give people a more modern take on hair removal with formulas that utilize natural botanical and plant ingredients that were gentler in the skin. The Completely Bare brand listens to their consumers and strives to give them the solutions they need and want. Completely Bare is about choice and a positive body image. 

Completely Bare Founder, Alicia Nussdorf. Photo Credit: Greg Doherty

Nussdorf wants to make body empowerment an easier topic to discuss for all young women and men. 

Completely Bare helps you to not only remove hair but we also take care of your skin before, during and after the process.  “What sets us apart from other hair removal lines are our pre and post care solutions, which take care of your skin however you decide to remove or not remove your hair.  Our products have amazing plant and botanical ingredients that help you to maintain healthy looking skin.  We are a women founded and operated company.  All the products are items that we use on ourselves and therefore are paraben free, phthalate free, cruelty free and affordable.”

Photo Credit: Greg Doherty

The evening included hors d’oeuvres, cocktails provided by Eric Philippe ChampagneGray Whale GinThree Olives Vodka, and intimate conversations with the team from Completely Bare. The candles of the night were donated by Bath and Bodyworks which were a hit amongst guests. 


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