Drinkmate™ – Bring Bubbles to Any Drink in Your Home

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If you ever thought of bringing bubbles to any ordinary beverage while you are at home, Drinkmate has not only made that possible, but they have made it very easy. Drinkmate is the first home carbonation system that allows you to quickly add bubbles to any cold beverage. Drinkmate allows you to do this with their exclusive and patented Fizz Infuser technology allows you to carbonate any beverage directly.

In addition to carbonating water, all Drinkmate models allow you to directly carbonate: sparkling juice, iced tea or coffee, sport drinks, wine, cocktails and if your beer or soda went flat, Drinkmate will bring it back to life.

Drinkmate offers two options, the countertop machine and the portable spritzer. Each version includes the Fizz Infuser, carbonating bottles and CO2 cylinders and both are able to carbonate any beverage.

Drinkmate is one of those products you probably won’t fully appreciate until it is in your home. There are so many great reasons to own a Drinkmate and while the ability to re carbonate beverages that lost their fizz is at the top of the list, there are many more reasons beyond that. The Drinkmate allows you to control the amount of carbonation, which allows you get very creative with your drinks. You certainly can save money instead of buying sparkling water, you simply make your own and you can add a little flavoring to make any type you like. Finally, it is just simple to use and you can use it for one single drink or for an entire party.

If what is in your refrigerator bores you when you look to quench your thirst, Drinkmate will put some life back into whatever you choose to drink.

Drinkmate also comes in three modern colors so that it can fit in perfectly in any kitchen, matte black, metallic red and pewter.

For more information, visit: Drinkmate

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