Slane Irish Whiskey – A Lot of History and a Lot of Whiskey

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Irish Whiskey has been around for hundreds of years, but longevity is not always the key to creating this smooth spirit. Slane Distillery might be considered in the infancy stage of creating Irish Whiskey, but they have taken their Irish heritage and put it into every bottle and created a whiskey that anyone in Ireland or anywhere else would be proud to drink.

Alex Conyngham, co-founder of Slane Irish Whiskey

While Slane Irish Whiskey might youthful in the Irish Whiskey market, Slane Castle, home to Slane Distillery, has a long and storied history. Slane’s center was designed by the Conyngham Family in the early 18th century and Slane Castle in the 1980’s began an amazing run of hosting some of the biggest bands in the world. From David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Queen, The Rolling Stones, and Bruce Springsteen to U2, this has become an iconic venue.

Irish Goodbye

Who better to create and introduce Slane Irish Whiskey to the world than Alex Conyngham and his father Henry. Alex had previously worked with Irish Whiskey brands but returned to Ireland in 2008 to develop and launch the Slane Castle Irish Whiskey brand that they then partnered with Brown-Forman in 2015. Alex not only had Slane Castle history in his blood, but also a little Irish Whiskey along with all of that music history and from that came Slane Irish Whiskey.

The name Slane has a lot of history to it and with it a huge responsibility to create an Irish Whiskey worthy of the name. It certainly does live up to the name with their signature triple casked aging process that takes the toasted grain and malt whiskeys and blends and matures them in virgin oak casks, seasoned whiskey casks and Oloroso sherry casks, which brings a world of flavors in each sip. From the amazing aroma to the first time it hits your tongue you are going to be hit with a number of flavors throughout the experience. The smooth vanilla flavor hits you first along with a subtle sweetness, then banana along with caramel and butterscotch.

The best part of Slane Irish Whiskey is it is so smooth well done that it is very easy and pleasurable to drink neat, but also it is great in a variety of cocktails from a class Irish Coffee to a unique take on an Old Fashioned.

Slane Distillery

Slane Distillery is also committed to sustainability and is working towards becoming a zero-waste facility. The distillery has built-in energy recovery, reduced water consumption, rainwater re-use and the capacity for onsite energy generation into our state-of-the-art distillery design. Slane actively promotes biodiversity protection and enhancement and engages with and supports the local community.

Bittersweet Symphony Irish Coffee

Once you find a whiskey that you like, it can be hard to give something new a try. If Irish Whiskey is a favorite spirit of yours, then Slane Irish Whiskey is certainly worth a try. It will only take simple whif of the aroma then one taste and the smoothness and complex flavors will be evident and Slane is sure to always be on the tip of your tongue from that moment forward.

For more information, visit: Slane Irish Whiskey

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