Meiomi Wines Review – A Crisp Refreshing Must Have for Holiday Entertaining

Photo Courtesy of Meiomi
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The holidays are upon us and that means its time to break out all of the wine and sparkling beverages for holiday entertainment! One of our top contenders is the Meiomi Wines collection. Meiomi offers several varietals within the portfolio, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rose, Sparkling Wine and Pinot Noir Single Appellation, unlike its competitors.

Ali Larter Looked Radiant at the Meiomi Holiday Event! Photo Credit: Getty Images

Recently, Meiomi held a holiday celebration at Ysabel in Hollywood. Hosted by Ali Larter, the event was the ultimate kickoff to the holidays. Guests happily sipped the finest sparkling wine and spread nothing but good cheer. During the event, Larter spoke on her partnership with Meiomi to create the ‘Fa La La fondue’, that pairs perfectly with the  sparkling wines pear and apple notes. Fondue is Larter’s go to recipe she says, because ‘it’s super easy to make and you can just leave it on the counter.’ She also stated, when Larter is not ‘making magic in the kitchen’, she is spending time with her family.

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One of the notable differences when sipping Meiomi is the level of complexity that is delivered without the snuffy price tag – it’s a collection of upscale wines for modern consumers. The brand is anything but ordinary! It’s a combination of various characteristics that represent that variety of its region. The sparkling wine offers subtle notes of toasted brioche and aromas of tropical fruits and pear, with a crisp finish. This luscious wine is gently crafted from the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, so that its characteristics enhance and build on each other, for a very memorable experience.

Photo Courtesy of Meiomi

The wine ranges from $20.99 – $50.00 and either makes a perfect gift for the wine connoisseur or a well-balanced addition to the bar setting in your home.


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  1. Full bodied and lots of structure for a Pinot Noir. Plum with a hint of pepper and butterscotch. Medium tannin and smooth finish make this little wine something different. Definitively a revisit on this wine. Will buy a bottle or two in the future.

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