“The Three Amigos” Radio Show Preview – Launching on June 20th

Main entrance to Sunset Gower Studios
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June 20th is the big day when” The Three Amigos” enters the arena. Hosted by three gifted and talented guys, this new show has a fresh new sound and feel. Who are these guys? They are Ron Irwin, Richard Perry and Victor Onuigbo, each offering unique talent and experience. The show will focus on current events, celebrity guests and even some awesome money making tips and all of it with a smile.

Radio control board and microphone

Chick Venerra is the featured guest on the first day of the first show- June 20th.


Ron Irwin


Splash is almost as excited about the launch of the show as is Splash Magazines Worldwide journalist– Ron Irwin.


Splash had the opportunity to interview Ron Irwin as follows:


SMW-“The Three Amigos”, launching on June 20th as Internet Radio, is the result of you interacting with your neighbors, Richard Perry and Victor Onuigbo in Los Angeles and “street talking”.  How were you able to move from talking to “talking” on the radio?


RI- For me [Ron] the move was extremely easy with literally decades of talk radio experience.  But to my knowledge there have been few if any radio talk shows with more than one host.  Yet when I felt the extremely positive energy between myself and Rick and Victor I thought it was worth a shot.  So I contacted Tony Sweet at UBN and before you know it we had a show.



UBN Universal Broadcasting Network logo

SMW- The line-up of featured guests reveal mostly celebrities from stage, screen and TV and this should make for a very lively show.  However, you promise to include current events and moneymaking tips.  Will you also have guests from politics and finance?


RI– The current events will be covered in conversation between the three hosts of the show.  The money making ideas will come mainly from me.  I once bought a public company at 3 cents a share, developed it into a company trading at $6 a share and made enough to take my family around the world a couple of times.  So I know a thing or two about public companies and stock trading.  We may also have an occasional guest on the topic of money.  As for politics, yes, I am right now working trying to get at least one of the California gubernatorial candidates on the show.  But celebrity guests will be our mainstay because it reaches a huge audience.


Rick Perry – but not actually just the image he prefers to present

SMW-. Since your program is on internet-radio and you have a broad reach, what will you be offering listeners outside of L.A.?


RI – Primarily what we will be providing our audience outside of L.A. is a real inside look into that magical, mystical and surreal world we call “Hollywood.”  When I was mere 18 years old I ran into William Holden in a bar in Hong Kong.  He was a true A lister but that didn’t matter.  What mattered was that he was a very real man who was very kind and generous to U.S. Marines.  We partied hardy to almost sun up.  I had another experience at age 13 when I got to spend ten days with then super star singer Jane Morgan at her Kennebunkport, Maine house one summer.  Again I discovered simply a very charming and nice woman who liked to be kind to kids.  So at the end of the day I want our audience to discover that “Hollywood” is much more than mere glitz and glam  and not everyone is a Harvey Weinstein.


Victor Onuigbo

SMW-. Who is your target audience?  How will listeners offer feedback and/or be involved in this program?


RI – We have no specific demographic in mind but the nature of our program should appeal to the vast majority of teens and adults, more so the adults.  We will be soliciting feedback primarily by offering an email address and inviting comments.  All other feedback options will be seriously considered.



Find out more about the show by checking the Ron Irwin-3 Amigos website.


Add your comments to the show at the UBN website


Photos: Courtesy of Ron Irwin





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