Cartel 2045 Film Review – Call of Duty Meets Robocop

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Cartel 2045
Cartel 2045 Official Poster starring Danny Trejo, Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment

SYNOPSIS – Action superstar Danny Trejo is out to make a killing in Chris Le’s thrilling sci-fi action film Cartel 2045, exploding onto digital platforms this May!

One last mission. Retrieve the asset. Go Back to Your Family. 

The year is 2045, the continuing drug war has caused havoc between The United States and Mexico. Gear Side International, a robotics engineering company on the brink of bankruptcy, sells off their technology to the Cartel on the black market. With the advanced military robotics technology in the wrong hands the cartel uses it to their advantage; replacing their enforcers, hit men, and soldiers.  From director Chris Le, and starring screen sensation Danny Trejo (Machete, The Devil’s Rejects) with Alexander P. Heartman (‘’Power Rangers Samurai”), Brad Schmidt (“House of Lies”), and Blake Webb (“Colony”), Cartel 2045 premieres on VOD May 1, 2018 from Uncork’d Entertainment. (Synopsis Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment)

On the heels of Ready Player One, Cartel 2045 subsists as a glorified version of a live action video game masquerading as an action film. Considering the characters are so laden with substandard dialogue, it might seem peevish to complain about Cartel 2045 without considering the inherent intent of Le’s directorial debut. Le’s background in gaming is evident as his directorial flair presents itself as very Call of Duty meets Robocop. The VFX compositing style will appeal to gamers. The sci-fi graphics are sharp. However, some of the footage and special FX have a very 70s feel; a bit confusing considering the film’s desired aesthetic is seemingly futuristic. Yet it doesn’t necessarily view as dystopian.

While some of the acting performances, especially in the film opener, are hard to swallow, there are solid performances from Trejo and Schmidt. Le, who also penned the script, edited the film in quick cut style with brisk pacing.

Trejo fans are sure to enjoy his signature enigmatic composure as he might be the only actor who can convincingly pull off an antihero villain with such menacing appeal.


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