2018 Mother’s Day Home & Garden Gift Guide Under $50 – Fun Products to Brighten Up Her Day

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All items listed from most to least expensive.

City Green

Gardens are an integral part of any cityscape, and New York City boasts a wealth of outdoor spaces that enhance the urban environment and provide visual pleasure to residents and visitors. City Green celebrates the richness and diversity of New York’s public gardens.

$50.00  Buy now!

Home is Where Your Mom is Scentsy Warmer Bundle

Pamper Mom with a Scentsy Warmer featuring this golden truth written across a pink-and-white swirled background. The following fragrances are included in the bundle: Shimmer: Sweet cherries, velvety apricots, and sensual white musk crowned with a tiara of shimmering spun sugar.  Luna: White florals — jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia — juicy berries and sandalwood.  Just Breathe: Soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and a medley of mints

$50  Buy now!

The Water Pillow

The Floating Comfort Pillow by Mediflow features an exclusive water technology. It’s the only pillow clinically proven to improve the quality of sleep, according to a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

$49.99  Buy now!


A votive set of three candles; petite versions of the standard 8.8oz candles. Spring forward. Smells that make you assume the weather is warmer than it actually is.

$44.00  Buy now!

Gratititude Glass Jar

Show your friends and family how much you care with the Gratitude Glass Love Jar. Fill the jar up with gratitude notes that can be enjoyed all year long! Named “the gift that keeps on giving” by Oprah and featured among the 102 gifts of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2017 List, the Gratitude Jar from Gratitude Glass Jars has driven a movement – inspiring others to love themselves and the people around them.

$40-$45  Buy now!

Contempo White Scentsy Warmer Bundle

If your mom is a pillar of strength, show her with this clean, contemporary warmer. The following fragrances are included in the bundle: French Lavender: Pure, herbal fragrance of French wild lavender.  Sweet Pea & Vanilla: Raspberries and sweet pea petals with vanilla.  Sunkissed Citrus: Blend of oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit.

$40  Buy now!

Bindle Bottle

Perfect for the minimalist mother on-the-go. Bindle bottle is a dual-walled & vacuum-insulated bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. Bindle bottle is unique for its waterproof & scent-proof storage compartment — holds key, cards and smaller necessities!

$39.00 Buy now!

Bialetti Pasta Pot

One of Bialetti’s #1 selling cookware products, the Pasta Pot features a cook & strain convenience and is available in NEW colors of Red Pepper, Black Raspberry and Coastal Blue.

Reinforcing Bialetti’s commitment to quality, innovation and style, the world’s original 5-quart Pasta Pot features an oval-shaped vessel designed to handle the length of uncooked spaghetti and lasagna noodles without breakage; and an innovative lock-on lid with built-in strainer, eliminating the need for a colander. The Pasta Pot is made of aluminum to allow for advanced heat conduction and paired with a comfortable and oversized, ergonomic, heat-resistant handles. The convenient nonstick interior coating makes cleaning up a breeze.

$34.99  Buy now!

Anti-Bitch Fuel 30 Oz cup

Every mom needs this is in the morning right? Fill up your buns with 30oz of anti. We’ve got the insulation you need to knock that bitch out of the park.  SERIOUS TECHNOLOGY – Double Wall Vacuum Insulated for extreme temperature retention!  SERIOUSLY STRONG – Made from kitchen grade 18/8 Stainless Steel this is ready to roll with you anywhere you want! SERIOUSLY SWEAT FREE – The double wall construction completely prevents any temperature transfer to exterior wall therefore eliminating any condensation or change in temperature where you hold your hand. Your cup will always remain a comfortable temperature for you to hold but your drink inside will be either ice cold or piping hot!

$34.00  Buy now!

Hoa Kai

Hoa Kai is committed to supporting families we have thankfully found in a small village in Southeast Turkey near the Syrian border who are incredible weavers, and have quality that no computer controlled loom can copy. We are grateful for these families who have stood up against the hard times and have not given up. We are also grateful for our customers who literally put food on these people’s tables simply by using Hoa Kai products. Talk about a win-win proposition!

$32.95-$49.95  Buy now!

Holster Brands®

Help Mom get organized this Mother’s Day! If you’ve ever tried to balance a flat iron on the thin edge of a pedestal sink, you know it usually doesn’t stay in place – the flat iron falls, you get burned and frustration ensues. Well, that was before the genius product Holster Brands® came to town, giving your flat iron, hot glue gun and lots of other items a secure, heat-resistant place to call home.

$29.99-$10.00  Buy now!

CANDI Wireless Charging Station

With everyone living such fast paced lives it’s easy to forget a phone charger at home. Stop hassling with cables and start wireless charging now with the CANDI Wireless Charging Station. The CANDI Wireless Charging Station offers an instantaneous charge to Qi-enabled devices including iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9Plus, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5. The sleek and stylish design can fit in any room; and comes in three bold color options. Leave one at home; bring another to the office and never have to worry about remembering a charger again. The CANDI charging station features an LED indicator with automatic turn off and allows for simultaneous charging and activity use. Just place the device on the charging port and it will be charged in no time!

$29.99  Buy now!

Riedel Bar

Riedel has always had ornate glassware in in its wheelhouse, and this year the Riedel Bar Collection revamps four vintage shapes with elaborate designs for fine spirits served on the rocks or creative cocktails. Whip up one of mom’s favorite craft cocktails and gift her the new glass of choice for many summer cocktails to come.

$29.50 for a set of 2  Buy now!

Boy Smells REDWOOD

Learn to go with the grain by lighting up this well structured scent. Rare woods take root with cinnamon and clove exhibiting the joy of pairing the unexpected.

$29.00  Buy now!


Named after French colonist Paul Blanchy, the expat who made fortunes exporting peppercorns from Vietnam in the 1870’s. A bold journey through spicy ginger, fresh cut grapefruit, and tanned leather. Complex and adventurous.

$29.00  Buy now!

BlissLights – BlissBulb

BlissLights BlissBulb is ideal for the mother who loves to decorate! BlissBulb projects a luminous star-field onto any space within seconds! BlissBulbs, as with all BlissLights products are made with the highest quality lasers and the latest technology to bring a unique light experience that is energy efficient and weather resistant.

$27.99  Buy now!

Bialetti Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Shave off the cost of a coffee shop’s $5 cold brew and make your own batch at home. Bialetti’s Cold Brew coffee maker allows the home coffee enthusiast an opportunity to produce their very own distinguished cold brew coffee at home. The key benefit to cold brew coffee is that it is 65 percent less acidic than hot-brewed. Without all that acid, it is said to be healthier.

The Bialetti Cold Brew features a convenient removable basket and an all-in-one glass pitcher that is designed to fit in most refrigerator doors.

$26.25  Buy now!

Love Scentsy Warmer Bundle

Love Scentsy Warmer and three Scentsy Bars, $25. A simple earthenware surface reflects the purity of your message to Mom. This warmer features a heating element to safely warm wax without illumination. The following fragrances are included in the bundle: Peach & White Amber: Deep floral notes and earthy, provocative amber. Pineapple Coconut Vanilla: A dream of distant lands, brought to life in a tropically inspired fragrance. Pink Haze: Berries, nectarines and vanilla-laced whipped cream nestled in marshmallow fondant.

$25  Buy now!

Love Bottle

Get creative in the way you show mom love this year! What better way to say I love you than with a gift that embeds love into their products. Love Bottle is all about bringing Love and Water together by embedding love messages in every bottle. Love Bottle is crafted with 100% eco-friendly glass and up to 40% recycled glass! With over 30 cute designs, choose from a variety of Love Bottles to find the perfect fit for your mom!

$25.00  Buy now!

Back to the Roots- Kitchen Herb Garden (Can 4 Pack)

A kitchen herb garden that grows fresh, organic herbs year-round.  Growing organic herbs indoors and at home has never been so easy and fun! The Back to the Roots Garden in a Cans are the perfect way start your windowsill herb garden because it comes with everything you need to grow – including unique biochar technology that lets you grow from the can without draining. No chemicals, no transplanting, and no messy drainage holes.

Set comes with basil, cilantro, dill, & mint.

$24.99  Buy now!

Cube Tracker

With the Cube Tracker, just tag, ping and find. Use it to find your keys, phone, purse or jacket. When that thing is lost, ping Cube with your mobile phone to make it ring. You can find your phone with Cube Tracker too by simply pinging your mobile phone with the button on Cube.

$24.95  Buy now!

Titan Cookware

For those who want oven-safe cookware for a sear to roast option, Titan, the newest Bialetti cookware line, features many bells and whistles without breaking the bank. Titan features a micro-divot interior coupled with a triple layer of titanium infused nonstick. Titan’s micro-divots allow oil in the pan to distribute evenly and not pool to one side. The Micro-Divot interior also creates a textured cooking surface that allows for superior food release because the textured surface means there is less total contact between the food and the pan. The result is more even cooking and easy food release from stovetop to oven.

Bialetti Titan cookware is metal utensil and dishwasher-safe, oven-safe up to 400ºF, and PFOA free. Titan is available exclusively at Bed, Bath and Beyond in 10” and 12” sauté pans, a 10.5” square pan and 11” open chef’s pan.

$19.99-$29.99  Buy now!

T-fal Endura Copper Ceramic Open Stock

This NEW T-fal copper cookware has a beautiful copper ceramic interior and exterior for ultimate stain and scratch-resistance. Not to mention, its ceramic interior withstands cook top heat up to 570 degrees Fahrenheit for perfect searing.

$19.99 – $25.99  Buy now!

Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper

Everyone enjoys the excitement of outdoor activities, but pesky insects can often spoil the experience. At just under 2 pounds, the new Stinger® On-the-Go Insect Zapper is our most portable zapper, making it easy to take along for the fun whether headed to the beach, camping, the park or your own backyard. With a USB port and portable battery pack, outdoors enthusiasts can just grab it and go!

$19.99  Buy now!

Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap

Many professional bakeries get perfect looking cheesecakes by using the water bath method of baking, but that method also comes with the risk of water leaking into the spring form pan, ruining the batter. The NEW Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap eliminates that concern!

This re-usable, food-grade silicone wrap keeps the water out without wasting layers of aluminum foil. It’s also oven-proof to 475F and dishwasher-safe.

Make your next bakery style cheesecake at home with the Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap!

$19.95  Buy now!

Sink Safe

When you aren’t sure where to safely lay down a used knife in the kitchen, the NEW Sink Safe knife caddy is the solution.

The unique design allows sudsy water to seep in and soak your knives safely until you’re ready to put them away or use them again.

Don’t get caught off guard by a sharp kitchen knife! Protect your hands, your loved ones, and your expensive cutlery with Sink Safe.

$19.95  Buy now!


With beautifully engraved Map Coffee Mugs from UncommonGreen each sip is special. Each glass features a map intricately etched and wraps entirely around the glass from top to bottom, achieving a striking effect.

$19.00 -$21.00  Buy now!

Suddz: Intimate Apparel & Lingerie Wash

Shapeez Suddz Intimate Apparel Wash is safe and effective laundry detergent for hand washing all your delicate garments, from bras and panties to active wear, leggings and beyond. It’s special formulation dissolves make-up and lipstick marks, and because it doesn’t contain potentially harmful additives, it helps your items keep their original shape and extend their useful lifetime. While Suddz can be used for cleaning natural fiber fabrics, it’s specifically formulated to be effective on synthetics and synthetic fabric blends such as nylon-lyrca and other lingerie and intimate fabrics and laces.

Our custom formula is ideal for: All Shapeez apparel, Active wear, Leggings, Adhesive bras, Nylons, Panties, And other modern synthetic fabrics and blends.

$18.95  Buy now!

WHIMZEES Hedgehog Dental Chew

For the dog loving mom, WHIMZEES Dental Chews are a fun way to give your dog a special something, while helping to improve the furry member of your family’s dental health! Your mom can hide the hedgehog in the house or outside in the grass, for a fun little game of hide and go seek and some great mom-dog bonding time. Plus, it reduces plaque, tartar, and bad breath for you mom’s favorite fur baby!

$16.14 for 6  Buy now!

Stinger Mosquito Repellent Lantern

Grilling and outdoor entertaining are highlights of summer, so making sure pesky mosquitos stay far away is a priority. Made with ALL-NATURAL active ingredients and DEET-FREE, the Stinger® Mosquito Repellent Lantern helps repel mosquitoes to let you enjoy your time outside. Use the repellent lantern on your tabletop while dining outdoors, picnicking, at the beach, camping, gardening, hang by your patio/deck or during any other outdoor activity.

$12.99  Buy now!

125 Collection Quote Candle

Quote candles by The 125 Collection are created to inspire, motivate and make you laugh. They are made with a soy blend wax and a lead-free, cotton wick. Their scents, Fresh Waters and Spiced Bergamot, are produced with premium fragrance oils created by a top perfumer in NYC.

$12 – $35  Buy now!

Prep’n Freeze

GoodCook’s award-winning Prep’n Freeze Tray features cube-shaped compartments that maximize the space of each cube by about 55 percent. With perfect 2-ounce portions, the tray is ideal for coffee cubes, freezing fruits/veggies for smoothies, home made baby food, sauces, stocks and more, making it the ideal meal-prepping tool to prepare and freeze foods for later use, ultimately saving time in the kitchen. Here are 7 creative uses for an ice cube tray.

$10.99  Buy now!

Model Citizen Pet

This is perfect for the fur baby mama! Model Citizen Pet makes portrait photography a whole lot easier! Capture your pup’s attention using the Woofie! Snap away by loading it with your dog’s favorite treats. Every purchase made helps animals in need!

$9.50  Buy now!

Hotel Premier Collection 100% Cotton Luxury Bath Towel by Trident – Member’s Mark

This oversized, plush, super-absorbent, cosmetics-friendly towel by Trident will add an indulgent “final touch” to your next bath or shower.

$6.98  Buy now!

Pine Mountain ExtremeStart Firestarter

Give your mom the gift of family quality time outside this spring! Every mom loves making memories with the family, and sitting around in the backyard by the fire is the best place to do so! Pine Mountain’s ExtremeStart Firestarter is compact, easy-to-use, and mess free. Just light the wrapper at the indicated arrows and light the fire immediately, so mom doesn’t have to worry about kindling or the fire going out!

$6.49 for 12-count box  Buy now!

Noble Excellence Micro Cotton Elite Bath Towels Collection

Bring a touch of spa-like luxury to your every day with the Noble Excellence Micro Cotton Elite Bath Towels. Crafted of high-quality, ring spun cotton, this durable and ultra-absorbent bath towels feature an extra-soft, plush feel.

$6.00 – $35.00  Buy now!

Lana’s Shop

Both an illustration and stationery boutique, gift Mom with one of Lana’s thoughtfully-imagined designs which bring beauty, character and excitement to any occasion.

$5.00-$22.00  Buy now!

Andrea’s Truffles

Andrea’s Truffles is perfect for the mother who enjoys the finest, best-tasking truffles made from quality ingredients collaborating San Diego chefs, breweries, and local stores. Truffles are made in small batches with choice ingredients and lovingly handcrafted to ensure each one leaves as a tiny, delicious work of art.

$5.00-$10.00  Buy now!

FilterBuy Filters

FilterBuy (filterbuy.com) helps make the home filter replacement process exceptionally easy with over 600 sizes of air filters for more than 40 brands, and a custom manufacturing team that can handle virtually any request. FilterBuy offers one-stop filter shopping, providing an easy platform for you to shop for well-priced filters in any size you need in the comfort of your home. For your convenience you can arrange to have new replacement filters arrive at your home at the interval you want. Now you can breathe easy knowing your filters are not out-of-date and that the replacement is set to arrive when you need it.

$4.99 and up  Buy now!

Post-it Extreme Notes

Introducing Post-it® Extreme Notes – the new durable, communication tool from the Post-it® Brand. Designed to stick to rough/textured surfaces, Post-it Extreme Notes are perfect for mom’s to use in the kitchen, for a DIY or renovation projects, for organization, outdoors and more. Made with ultra-strong Dura-Hold™ Paper and Adhesive, this water-resistant and innovative product withstands tough conditions including extreme heat, cold, water and moisture.

$4.49 – $39.99  Buy now!

GoodCook’s Meal on the Run

With the growing interest in preparing home-cooked meals and serving healthier, controlled portions, GoodCook’s Meals on the Run provides a storage solution in various sizes to take those meals ‘to go’ for lunch, snacks or day trips.  What’s more, with 12 different size offerings, all BPA-free with leak-proof locking lids, Meals on the Run helps individuals and families extend their budget even further by eliminating the need for disposable bags and containers.

Additional features: Leak-proof locking lids and silicone seals to keep the freshness inside. Stacking and nesting capability to save space when storing.  Frustration-free opening/closing clip closures.  Easy-to-clean integrated compartments and accessories.  Meals on the Run is a versatile collection that can be used for lunch, meals, school or pre-workout snacks, and storage.

$3.99-$8.99  Buy now!

Floral Simplicity

Scented sachets and home fragrances for every season and occasion. On a mission to make the world a better smelling place, one packet at a time!

$2.95+  Buy now!


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