Triple Silken Pumpkin Pie Recipe – A Delicious Treat Sure To Wow Your Guests!

Photo Credit: The Tuck Room NYC
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This holiday season excite your friends and family with The Tuck Room’s twist on the traditional pumpkin pie. The Triple Silken Pumpkin Pie is complete with three different layers, and this reinvented pumpkin pie includes accents of gingerbread, caramel, cream, custard and of course, pumpkin.

Photo Credit: The Tuck Room NYC

This dessert can be made in parts and used separately for great Thanksgiving Day desserts, or can be stacked and layered to create a dramatic torte, as we do.


Triple Silken Pumpkin Pie

Ginger Bread Crust:

4 ounces              Butter

2/3 cup                 Sugar

¼ cup                    Light Brown Sugar           

1 ½ tsp                 Ground Ginger

2 tsp                      Cinnamon

½ tsp                     Clove

2                              Eggs, room temperature

½ cup                    Molasses, blackstrap

1/3 cup                 Sour Cream, room temperature

¾ cup                    All Purpose Flour

1 cup                     Cake Flour

¼ tsp                     Salt

1 tsp                      Baking Soda

3 ounces              Water

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Pumpkin Custard Layer:

¼ cup                    Sugar

½ tsp                     Ginger

½ tsp                     Cinnamon

2                             Eggs

½ cup                    Brown Sugar

¾ cup                    Pumpkin Pack

½ cup                    Sour Cream

¾ cup                    Heavy Cream

2 Tbsp                   Brandy

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Cream Layer:

¾ cup                   Heavy Cream

½ cup                    Crème Fraiche

2 tsp                      Sugar

2 tsp                      Maple Sugar


Caramel Pumpkin Chiboust Layer:

½ cup                    Heavy Cream

3 sheets               Gelatin Sheets

¾  cup                   Sugar

¾  Tbsp                 Water

½ tsp                     Lemon Juice

2 Tbsp                   Brown Sugar

½ tsp                     Cinnamon

½ tsp                     Ginger

¾ cup                    Pumpkin Pack

3                              Egg Whites

1/8 tsp                  Cream of Tartar

3 Tbsp                   Sugar

Next time you are in NYC check out the Tuck Room for your self!

Photo Credit: The Tuck Room NYC


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