CAVA Review- Welcoming the Flavors of Fall

(Courtesy of CAVA)
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The brightness of the plate lets you know how fresh the ingredients are and then each bite of any CAVA dish will awaken your taste buds with the unique flavor of the Mediterranean. CAVA brings you unique Mediterranean twists on classic fall favorites and they produce it in a with a flavorful and fast flare.


CAVA, focuses on root vegetables and Mediterranean twists on classic fall favorites this fall. Curated by Executive Chef and Founder Dimitri Moshovitis, the new menu is inspired by Moshovitis’ traditional Greek upbringing and his penchant for fresh, crisp vegetables. Not only can you see the freshness with the vibrant colors, those fresh ingredients shine through in each and every bite.

CAVA allows you to custom design your order as you can choose from a salad, a grain bowl, pita, a combination or enjoy a mini pita some of the homemade soup. The new addition of the Greek minestrone with Harissa will please anyone who loves a fresh minestrone soup. From their you choose your dips and spreads that include hummus, tzatziki and more. Then you can choose from the fresh and tender proteins that feature; grilled meatballs, grilled chicken, braised beef, braised lamb or go with all vegetables.

Minestrone (Courtesy of CAVA)

The highlight of the fall menu has to be the fall vegetable medley with Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, carrots and cauliflower. The vegetables are all lightly charred and spiced simply with salt and pepper; and sweet and crunchy carrots and currants tossed in lemon juice, that can be used as a topper on any grain bowl, salad, or pita.

CAVA Bowl (Courtesy of CAVA)

If ordering in the restaurant wasn’t fast enough for you, CAVA recently launched its next generation digital ordering platform that makes ordering fast, simple and allows you to pick up your food without having to wait. You can download the CAVA app with IOS at the Apple iTunes store and Android at the Google Play store.

Braised beef with Pita

While having seven locations in the Los Angeles area, you can also find CAVA in both the city as well as suburban areas of their home market of Washington D.C., Richmond, New York City and they look to have more than 45 locations nationwide by the end of 2017.

For more information, visit: CAVA


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