Wealthy Girl Summit – How to be the Boss of You

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Alicia Dunams, founder of Best-Seller in a Weekend, hosted the second Wealthy Girl Summit on March 31st at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles. The Summit was about encouraging women to succeed and believe that they can do it by providing themselves with the tools to do so.

Wealthy Girl Summit

“The Wealthy Girl Summit is for women of all ages who have the desire to be successful and financially independent,” Dunams said. She chose 10 successful and inspiring women to speak at this summit to share their insight on what it takes to become successful.

Dunams started the Summit off by making us all laugh with her honest energy and stories of her rocky beginnings. She shared how Best-Seller in a Weekend was an accident. She had people coming to her asking for advice on how to write books and she optimized those opportunities and created her business. This story was an example of her “catch the wallet” mentality when starting off on your journey to success. “Catching the wallet” is about taking every opportunity that comes your way because in the beginning you can’t afford not to. Those opportunities could turn into more opportunities or even a business! If you have never heard Dunams speak she is loud and full of energy, which set the mood for the rest of the Summit. There is no denying her energy and passion for helping other women reach their goals and become wealthy girls.

Wealthy Girl Summit

The summit featured Lisa Leslie, who is an author, 4-time Olympian and star of this season’s The Apprentice. Leslie shared that she is more than a 4-time Olympian and how she proved that and became a success outside of that title. Author of the newly released book, “Boss Bitch” and host of CW Hatched, Nicole Lapin also spoke at the Summit. Lapin spoke about what it means to be a “Boss Bitch” and how she became one. She shared how she faked it until she made it and all about her unglamorous but real journey to success. These are only two of the amazing speakers featured at the event. It was clear that Dunams not only chose successful women but women who truly care about others’ success.

The summit not only served as a great learning experience but also as a place to network. All of the women and few men attendees were encouraged to network with one another. That was exactly what happened. There were business cards and phone numbers exchanged left and right. So, if you are a business woman who is looking to make more contacts, learn how to get to the next step to reach your goals or figure out where to even start, the next Wealthy Girl Summit is the place for you. Dunams’ charisma and love for other women’s wealth and prosperity made this event a true success.

There was so much great advice and inspiration to be taken away from this event that I will personally implement into my life. I learned the importance of being teachable, faking it until you make it and being the boss of you. There is no clear-cut way to success in life, but Dunams and all the women involved in the Wealthy girl Summit showed many ways that it can be done and most important that it is possible for anyone.


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